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» Toto nemôžu myslieť vážne ;'DDDDDDDD Fruhrer sa dozvedá o zmenách v Kuroshitsuji a niektoré veci mu tam zmarili jeho plány. A z toho vzišiel "menší" emočný skrat. "Nik nie je krajší ako Ciel Phantomhive!!"
» Rečnícka otázka: ČO MAJÚ VŠETCI PROTI MNE?! TT_TT Nie som jeho favoritom ani keď mám blond vlasy a modré oči. Len furt Ciel. Naser si, Phantomhive! Každý s ním súcití lebo má funkčné len jedno oko. ;(
Ak dáka marha nestíha tak perex ;D Je to anglicky, pa.

"We have to tell you an important news. In the Kuroshitsuji's blog, and during the event: "Kuroshitsuji ~Sono Shitsuji, Kyoso~ Akai Valentine", they announced that second season will begin next July."
-"Perfect. I want to back to see my Sebas. And see, if at last he took Ciel's soul."
"Lord.. This.. This time there are new main characters. The new butler is called Claude Faustus."
-"A new butler? Get out those who haven't seen the anime. THIS IS RIDILUCOUS! HOW IS GOING TO HAVE A NEW BUTLER?! AND WHAT HAPPENS WITH THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SEBASTIAN AND CIEL?! It's an absolutely madness.. So, we won't to see Finnian, or Maylene, or Bard, or Tanaka-san saying "Ho ho ho!". Neither Grell trying to fuck Sebastian, or Will, or Lizzy, or Undertaker.."
"The master is Alois Trancy and he is more beautiful."
"Lord, but the child is blond and has blue eyes."
-"Do you think that matter me? I kill heeeer!! I'll go for Yana Toboso and i'll force her to include Sebastian, Ciel and the others in this season and although the anime is shonen I'll say her to put more BL! Because I'm not conforming only with they seem do it when in fact, he's tightening him the belt! And then Sebas fuck with a nun! But what the hell is this SHIT?! But I can't go, because she lives in Japan. And it is far away, if not, I would GO. I WOULD GO! Be careful, I go, eh? And also. I CAN'T GO BECAUSE I WOULDN'T FIND HER AMONG A LOT OF OTAKU AND VISUAL KEI HOW CAN THERE BE SO MANY PEOPLE? It would be.. would be.. Like looking for a stupid needle in a stupid haystack! AND NOW I WANT TO READ CIEL AND SEBAS HARD YAOI DOUJINSHIS!!"
- "But if you don't know what is yaoi."
"I would like that Sebastian.. Had a nice relationship with Ciel and they get married.. But now.. I'll watch it.. if they appear. I hope.. That they appear, at least a little. And they kick the newbies ass."

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1 Chloë Noir Chloë Noir | Web | 31. října 2011 v 11:38 | Reagovat

Tak toto ma rozsekalo :D :D :D
Inak toto video som videla už s toľkými titulkami ohľadom nespočtu iných vecí ale stále je to rovnako vtipné :D

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